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August 30, 2007



Sorry dude, I'm sure you're a good guy n' all but if the Sao Paulo deal sends a chill down your spine then methinks you n' I aint on the same side of this issue.

Anyhow, I wish you PERSONALLY tremendous success but I wish any project you've got to continue the rape of human souls - terrific failure.



So your sure I'm a good guy even though I'm rapist of human souls?

mnuez, I work in advertising, so obviously It's a frightening prospect to be out of a job. What with a wife and son and a desire to live under a roof with food and heat.

I'm scared, not because they came down, but because they no longer work. That's my point. It's better they come down. They're needless pollution.

Spend five minutes in any ad agency you'd see how difficult it is to sell stuff. Even stuff that people need.

I've never done anything that raped human souls, or even came close. I've done the occasional ad that has made people smile and sold a good many bottles of beer. Or diarrhoea pills. Or holidays.

Hell, I'd LOVE the chance to advertise something really evil. An asset stripper, or a tobacco company. Maybe an arms dealer.

But it never quite pans out like that.

God luck with overthrowing the evil of capitalism. If you need anyone to design glorious propaganda after the revolution, give me a shout. As long as it's not bloody posters...

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